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Windows Family
Founder: Windows 3.1
Leader: XP, 7
Matriarch: NT, 95
Type of faction: Multi-clan dynasty (DOS and NT lines)
Main social roles: celebrities (younger generations), imperialists (older), gamers
Territory: Highly industrialized, militarized and corporate, also has a large gaming culture.
Established: 1990
Dissolution: current
Predecessor: Microsoft-IBM Family
Successor: current


Annex Bios

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The Windows Family dates back to 1980 as part of the Microsoft-IBM Family and branched off of it from the Microsoft-IBM Family's breakup in 1990.

During the 1980's with Windows 1.0-tan and Windows 2.0-tan as the only Windows OSes, the Windows-tans were rather obscure and low-key. The Windows-tans first achieved popularity with the advent of Windows 3.1-tan (then Windows 3.0-tan). Because of Windows 3.1-tan's success, the Microsoft-IBM Family broke up and the Windows Family started on its imperialist ambitions.

Windows NT-tan was created to conquer the server market and Windows 95-tan to conquer the consumer market. NT-tan and 95-tan were paired together to help each other fight and conquer. But also as part of the Windows Family's imperialist ambitions, Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan were banished during the OS Wars because they knew of the early IBM-Microsoft Family which the Family's executives thought would be better off forgotten and not taught to the younger generations of Windows-tans though MS-DOS-tan was kept around because MS-DOS was still a major seller. They were also unwilling and unable to carry out the scorched-earth tactics that NT-tan and 95-tan could.

NT-tan established the Windows Family's foothold in the server market. While not as nearly as powerful as the Unix-tan forces that dominated the server market previously, she capitalized on clever marketing and the weaknesses of the Unix Family, war-torn by the Unix Wars.

95-tan took the consumer market by storm, with her forces pillaging and conquering any competing territory that crossed their path, with her main competitors being the Mac-tans who were unprepared for the new style of war that developed during the OS Wars of the mid-1990's. 95-tan's forces conquered nearly all the Mac-tans' territory, including their capital city.

After the brutality of the OS Wars ended, NT-tan and 95-tan settled down and retired to a more peaceful and prosperous life with their younger relatives who enjoy the luxury of a largely sheltered life to this day.

OSC Notes

This is the faction of the canon Windows-tans (plus Vista-tan, and the Official-tans), their power and popularity as a faction referencing the popularity of the Windows-tans and the large marketshare by the Windows OSes. Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan were exiled from the Windows Family referencing how so few Windows users know of Windows 1.0 and 2.0, and that it seemed that Windows history started at Windows 3.0 to so many people.