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Windows XP Home-tan
Character information
Common name Windows XP Home-tan
Also known as XP-Home, Homeko
First appearance Unknown
Height *none officially listed
Hair color green
Eye color green
Faction Windows Family
Lineage WinNT
Technical information
System personified Windows XP Home
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 21 Oct 2001
Latest release Service Pack 3 (21 Apr 2008)

Character Details

The variant of XP-tan that represents Windows XP Home is known as Homeko has green hair that she wears in a short ponytail and wears two large XP-shaped hairclips that cover her ears. She is the closest sister of Saseko and Homeo.

She is characterized as a fujoshi and yaoi doujinshi artist who has an unhealthy fascination with her gender-confused brother Homeo. She is the female lead in the Homeo saga, providing a role as Homeo's muse and tormentor. Quite possibly the most perverted character in the saga (besides Dr. Norton), she is obsessed with yaoi fantasies. She uses her brother's gender confusion to generate situations for her doujin works. While they carry a strong bond, it is one of dominatrix over her brother. Their vagaries often result in some quite zany, if not outright ecchi, situations. In recent years, Homeko and Homeo have become some of the more popular characters in Nijiura's comics.

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