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Character information
Common name FreeVMS
Also known as N/A
First appearance 2008
Height 4'7
Hair color Sky blue
Eye color Indigo
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction CIOST
Lineage VMS
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified FreeVMS
Developer(s) FreeVMS developers
Debut In development since 2002
Latest release 0.4 / Nov 19, 2010

Technical details

Licensed under the GNU GPL, FreeVMS is an open source clone of the VMS operating system. The system has not been completed, however, and work may have stalled on the project.

Character details


FreeVMS-tan is depicted as a preadolescent girl with light blue hair styled into peaked bangs and two small pigtails held by yellow scrunchies. She generally dresses plainly and wears glasses.

Her personality is depicted as innocent, cheerful and ultimately child-like - although perhaps a bit mentally-simple, owing her young age (and the relative immaturity of the system).

Family and Relationships

Her adoptive mother is OpenVMS, while RED-kun acts as something of a father- or uncle-figure. She gets along best with other child-like and hobbyist OS-tans.

History and Background


FreeVMS-tan was more or less born an orphan, having no real family or strong developer- or user-base. A lifelong admirer - and conceptual descendant - of OpenVMS-tan, FreeVMS-tan "adopted" her ancestor under yet-undocumented circumstances.