Windows XP Media Center

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Windows XP Media Center Edition-tan
Character information
Common name Moseko
Also known as Windows XP MCE, Windows XP ME
First appearance Unknown
Technical information
System personified Windows XP Media Center Edition
Developer(s) Microsoft Corporation
Debut October 12, 2004
Latest release Update Rollup 2 (October 12, 2005)

XP MCE-tan is a rarer variant representing Windows XP Media Center Edition, a version of the popular Windows XP operating system designed primarily for home entertainment purposes. Due to the higher hardware requirements, she is commonly depicted as being larger than XP Pro-tan.

Like many emerging OS-tans, various alternative designs for XP MCE-tan have surfaced to date. However, three relatively consistent designs stand out:

    • One (shown above) depicts her as a blonde-haired woman with cat-eared orange headphones, glasses, and a green and orange stylized seifuku that bears a slight similarity to XP Pro-tan's. She usually wears a pendant bearing a Media Center icon over her chest, and has been depicted carrying a remote on occasion. Her disposition is often portrayed as cheerful, although images with a more nonchalant look exist as well.
    • Another depicts XP MCE-tan as a younger orange-haired girl carrying a Media Center guitar case and wearing a green seifuku of a more traditional sailor style. Though she also wears glasses and bears a Media Center icon pendant, she's depicted as slimmer and with a more rebellious disposition. This, in addition to her unyielding use of headphones, gives her the impression of being either a disenchanted youth or a frustrated musician. Of particular interest, however, is that she seems able to use her guitar case to fly via rocket propulsion.
    • Yet another depicts XP MCE-tan specifically as XP ME, an intentional pun of ME-tan. That being the case, while her clothing is loosely based on the loading lines of the Windows XP splash screen, the overall design can be best described as a cross between Windows XP and Windows ME (although her hair additionally gives her a strong similarity to Lindows). That being the case, she is commonly paired with ME-tan in nearly all her depictions, with common emphasis placed on the similarity of their cowlicks yet disparity in their breast size. Her disposition appears to be the same as ME-tan's, perhaps even as far as clumsiness given the issues that plague XP MCE versus XP Professional.

As of this time, there still seems to be no effort or interest in supporting either of these designs over the other. However, it should be noted that four separate versions of XP MCE exist to date, so it would not be impossible to allot each design a unique version to portray.

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