Windows CE

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Windows CE-tan
Character information
Common name WinCE
Also known as Windows Consumer Electronics, Windows Compact Edition, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC
First appearance Unknown
Height 30cm or less (1'0" or less)
Hair color orange
Eye color red
Faction Windows Family
Lineage Windows CE/Mobile
Technical information
System personified Windows CE 1.0 - 5.0
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut November 1, 1996
Latest release v5.0 (February 2006)

Character Details

Being an OS designed for small devices, the personification of Windows CE (CE for short) is portrayed as diminutive and fairy-like; complete with gossamer wings and wielding a USB cable wand. Because a modified version of Windows CE was the operating system of the Sega Dreamcast console, there are several illustrations of CE standing upon or around the Dreamcast's swirl logo.

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