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Character information
Common name TREE-META
Also known as Tree Meta, TREEMETA
First appearance Mar. 2010
Height Low 5' range
Hair color Graying brown
Eye color Unknown
Faction Unaligned (?)
Lineage Related to NLS-tan
Technical information
System personified TREE-META Compiler
Developer(s) D. V. Shorre, Donald Andrews, Jeff Rulifson
Debut Circa 1968
Latest release Unknown

Technical details

TREE-META was a metacomplier used in the creation of the oN-Line System. It was later ported to the Univac 1108, GE 645 and PERQ computers, among others.

Character details


TREE-META-tan is reported to be of small stature with graying brown hair, dressed in simple, contemporary clothing, typically a green jacket or sweater and pants. Her eye color is unknown, as she wears a pair of Ray-Ban glacier glasses everywhere she goes.

Owing her shadowy nature, very little is known of TREE-META-tan's character. She is reportedly a pleasant person and excellent conversationalist, able to discuss matters of philosophy, language and history at length. However, she is extremely illusive and difficult to get ahold of, a condition perhaps compounded by her status as master conspiracy theorist. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors, especially forests, but her job leaves little time for her hobby.

TREE-META-tan has few known associates. She likely helped in the creation of NLS-tan, and is a documented colleague of hers. She is also presumed to have had a hand in the early Internet, although her exact role is not known.

She has the power to pick up any language that is spoken to her and furthermore translate it for others. [1]

It is suspected that she worked for the government after her stint with NLS was over. Her current status is unknown.