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IBM 728
Character information
Common name IBM 728
Also known as None
Human name(s) Ivan van der Zee
First appearance 2010
Height High 5'-range
Hair color Gray
Eye color Gray
Weapon(s) M16, S&W revolver
Faction Unaligned, hailed from the Old IBM Society; currently deceased
Lineage IBM
Technical information
System personified IBM 728 tape drive
Developer(s) IBM
Debut Circa 1950s
Latest release Circa 1980s

Technical details

The IBM 728 was a tape drive used with the AN/FSQ-7 computer.

Character details


IBM 728-kun is depicted as a fit man of average height, with military-cut gray hair and similarly-colored eyes, and generally dressing in plain Air Force fatigues. He tends to be no-nonsense, serious and cheerless and wears his emotions "on his sleeve", rarely smiling or otherwise looking happy. In-story, he has been depicted as averse to large crowds.

He is largely defined by his role as SAGE-tan's assistant and goes far beyond a mere helper - he is, in fact, an integral part of her memory system and his mere presence helps her maintain psychological stability. In addition to this role, he acts as her personal bodyguard.

Family and Relationships

IBM 728-kun has no documented relatives. However, he and SAGE view one another as family members and maintain an extremely close platonic bond. Some outsiders misinterpret their familial-like love for romantic affection, a mistake that is understandably distressing to both 728-kun and SAGE-tan.

He seems to get along well with other military computers and has a long-standing friendship (and rivalry) with FASTRAND-kun. The exact reasons for their rivalry are unknown, but it has been speculated that it is due to 728-kun's overprotective nature toward SAGE, whom FASTRAND-kun may have a romantic interest in.

History and Background

As is the case with many military OS-tans, little is known of IBM 728-kun's early years or life outside of work.

He was likely born in the old IBM Society, but spent much of his early life training for his job in the military. In 1959, he and SAGE-tan were introduced to each other on the day she was inducted into the Air Force. SAGE quickly adopted him as her friend, even granting him his nickname - Ivan.

He retired with SAGE in 1983. Not long after his retirement he passed away, seriously impacting SAGE's powers of memory to the point of being in a state of severe amnesia. SAGE seems to remember and profoundly miss 728-kun and has shown a particularly high level of sorrow for his passing.

Theories and Notes

In the "Gakuen OS-tan" alternate universe, his surname is "van der Zee", a name meaning "by the sea". The significance of this name is unknown.

It's been theorized that IBM 728-kun would have known numerous members of the old IBM Society, perhaps even GMOS-heika.



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