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Started by Chocofreak13, February 20, 2010, 10:46:56 am

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for all of you senior members, maybe you remember a site called "". it was a cute os-tan fansite called "0perat1ve!" it was also the first os-site i found and signed up for. ^^

well, it's dead. but i found copies of the information about the -tans i printed out from there oh so long ago.

page one:
page two:
page three:
page four:

sorry about the ink quality. my printer is......finiky. i will re-type info upon request.


These look like documents you've had for ages XD.

It's like there's an old top-secret bunker somewhere that you just happened to find.  Good find, btw!

The Choice of a New Generation.


^^ i printed these out YEARS ago (i believe i found soul-reply about 2 or so years before i found ostan, but i'm probably wrong) and the ink quality was sucky then. there's no fading; that's actually how they came out of the printer. :\


You should definitely consider re-typing the info as it's fairly difficult to see on a scanned, old, and low ink document.  Thank you for finding this though, I don't think we have any of this...

The Choice of a New Generation.


^^ we have some of it, but there are a few subtle plot nuances that we don't have. :3

i don' have the papers in front of me. are there any parts in particular you can't read? :\

surely it's not ALL of it.....


No, I can read it...

Type would simply be more convenient.

The Choice of a New Generation.


it's gonna be a wall of text, and i don't have the pics to match it. :\

later. i'm lazy now.

Aurora Borealis

It's still readable to me, and good job saving one of the earliest OS-tan fansites from fading into oblivion! :D


^^ i figured we could absorb the information.


I remember that website. I joined its fanlisting. This gets me so nostalgic!


me too, this was the first os-fansite i joined. ^^ when i went to log on years later, i found out it was that's when i found here. ^^

i printed those pages out for the express purpose of drawing OS-tan. i remember i was afraid i'd get caught (my dad goes nazi when i print ANYTHING). ^^;

hmmm :\ would you guys like me to re-type it? if it's a REALLY big concern then i'll just buck up and do it. :\