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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 03:31:36 pm

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That does sound neat ^_^

Well, Kari's mentioning of books to the ceiling in our Skype call reminds me of a dream I had a few years back. In it, apparently my sister was some form of royalty (I believe she was a queen)...and there was this room in her castle where this nerdy guy lived; who had a wide variety of PS2 games in his room, with some even stuck to the ceiling with velcro. I clearly remember looking up and seeing the case for the original Kingdom Hearts on the ceiling; it being the stand-out title for some reason (Maybe because I was still playing it at the time).

Dr. Kraus

huh, haven't had an odd dream in a while other than a week ago so I guess I'll share it.

Note: My "weird" dreams are fast pace, random, somewhat violent to largely violent depending on what my brain wants I guess, and never really relates to how I "truly" am.

Now on to this "weird" dream,

Starts with me in my house but America has been Invaded by some unknown force (probably Chinese or something idk) and I announced the defection to the UK (whom are neutral in this war or something). Then I'm in my dad's car (Crysler Crossfire) with some weapons and one of my buddies, we go do something and I then snipe some people or something. Next, everyone (well, not everyone) is dead and there is blood all over the place. Then I woke up. The end.


I ended up having another weird dream last night, and even weirder, it involved something I jokingly mentioned to Pit yesterday ^_^;;

In it, I was wearing a rather plain pink dress...and was being held captive by Bowser for unknown reasons. Suddenly, coming to my rescue was Kari; wearing a goofy-looking fake mustache and a red cap with the letter "K" on it, while mentioning her irritation that Stew and Bella were too busy checking out a mansion they won in a contest to help her on this rescue mission. After watching her kick Bowser's ass, she then untied me, handed me a change of clothes, and said "That's why you shouldn't wear too much pink; it confuses Bowser", before we went off to meet up with the others at Stew's newfound mansion.


sweet, i get to be the hero. -w-

@kraus: sounds epic. like a video game. :0

@bella: it was pretty sweet. and something i forgot to mention in the dream, as i was running, i remember mentally cursing myself for not just backtracking around the block. sure, there was a one-way sign, but i was on foot, so who the hell cares?


I had one last night that involved a vending machine that dispensed very nice Pokémon blind box figurines (Extremely detailed; looking more like the Lugia figurine I have than the older figurines). I don't remember much else, except for getting a Meowth while burning through all the cash I had in my pocket (Since the price on this machine was roughly $5)


sounds about what you'd pay for a blind box normally. :\


Last night, I had one about a local convenience store putting a bunch of random stuff outside (Setup like a garage sale), because apparently a section of their roof collapsed and this was stuff they wanted to sell off to help pay for repairs. While looking through, I took some computer books I found, when a small-scale IBM-made server caught my attention; mostly because it still running, even though it wasn't plugged into anything, nor did it appear to have a battery backup.

I woke up before I could try to do anything with it, though


Ahhhh, the classic Find a computer but get woken up before you can use it dream...

I know those well. : p


So I noticed, with the "Stew and I found an Apple III!" dream you had last year :P


i'm more interested in "server" than "vintage".....


So, I had one last night.

In it, the layout of my house was completely messed up; for instance, the living room was setup in the kitchen, the stove was in the bathroom, and other such oddities (Although, the bedrooms seem to be fine). Well, I'm watching something on TV, while in a partial trap mode (All I had on was the skirt from my schoolgirl uniform; everything else was just my normal around-the-house stuff), when mom comes into the room for some reason. She starts talking to me about something, seemingly oblivious to the fact I'm wearing a skirt (Which I guess is a bit more realistic than her being oblivious to me being in a full trap mode; like in another dream from a while back). I then got up from my seat and walked off to get something; waking up before I could find out what it was.


you could claim it was a kilt. xD


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So, apparently in last night's dream, I somehow ended up reading minds.

In it, I was helping my grandparents clean out their storage building. While doing so, I found this really oddball phone; which, design wise, was like a candlestick phone mixed with the rotary-dial phone I have. They told me I could have it, so I went outside to put it in my truck, when suddenly I'm playing some Lego-themed multiplayer game with everybody else from the site. I was wondering where Kari was during this, when it flashes on screen that a player named something like "Golden Eggie" logged on; which turned out to be Kari. Thus, I asked what was with the name, thinking to myself "She's probably going to say 'I just like the way it sounds xD'"...and sure enough, that is exactly what she said, word for word; even with the same emoticon o_o


in honour of this, if we ever get the site to play an mmo or something together, i will name myself GoldenEggie. -w-

also, oi oi, don't be stealing my psychic powers. >>;


here's one for ya.
set in the middle of the ocean, the dream had me, my mum, sister, and friends all in bathing suits and floaties (inner tubes, water wings, noodles, etc). my mum was directing and producing a short sitcom where some of the characters were replaced by my favourite anime characters (obviously brought to life). it was for my birthday, and was being funded by a pirate (i think his name was Redbeard). as he got closer and closer to the site where we were (over the course of days), production continued (such as filming a scene from Home Improvement  with harnesses and wires for flying). throughout this, Danielle from american pickers (and her pet scotty dog, she had one in this dream) helped with production. Redbeard finally arrived, and for some reason was mad at me, so when the celebration began he cut me out of his speech. when the speech was over, he turned on some machine to mass-produce something, and everyone cheered (with confetti and giant balloons and such). the machine also started swinging some GIANT bells (if the ship was as tall as a skyscraper, then the bells were at least a third of that), made of faded old iron, with several smaller bells going up the chain. the captain started up a chorus in song, a hymn-like tune my mum had suggested before the speech, called "Gemma of the Sea" or something like that. (Lyrics went "Ohhhhh, You know. Ohhhhh, You know. Where they're on the sea...") as part of the festivities, me, mum, and friends were supposed to parachute/parasail off the deck and gently float to the water. as i walked up to the gangplank, i was feeling nervous and i could feel a crowd of people forming behind me. i was about to jump when someone pushed me from behind. i fell rapidly towards the water, my parachute deploying too late, i narrowly missing one of the giant bells. i landed among my friends, mum, and sister (my inner tube keeping me from going under), we all sharing some relief at my safe landing. the bell did too, however, and i turned back around and saw an ENORMOUS swell of water creeping up on us. they all swam away, me panicking and trying to swim away. the dream ended as i was sucked up by the swell.
(also, somewhere in this dream there was a part where we had about 5-6 empty pizza boxes, so i stacked them in descending order.)