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More IBM-tans

Started by stewartsage, January 11, 2010, 07:20:25 pm

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Ooh, it's been awhile since we've seen these ladies! QL and Spectrum-tan look great, and I love ZX81-tan's outfit but her body proportions are scaring me a little bit. (i think her trunk and face are too long, and legs too short.)

Somehow I can see ZX81-tan and TRSDOS-tan being friends. ^^

Don't worry about derailment, this thread stopped being about IBM-tans strictly after like, the fifth post. (Seriously, go back and look, Burroughs- and CDC-tans were thrown into the fray in the first page.)

Aurora Borealis

I've been doing some reading up on the CDC and Cray computers, and found some information regarding the Crays' and CDCs' rivalry, and a rivalry CDC had with IBM:

The first supercomputer was the CDC 6600, making the OS-tans for that system the fastest and most powerful by association (is there a 6600-tan?). Seymour Cray contributed to the 6600 and was one of the most influential CDC employees, so when he left in 1972, the CDC-tans did not take his departure well.

IBM was working on a computer faster than the 6600, and it was with the release of the 6600 that CDC was seen as a significant competitor. The CDC 6600 OS-tans' success was sabotaged by the IBM-tans (link), who spread FUD about the 6600- IBM announced a nonexistant computer that was to be more powerful, and their lie worked. Avenging the territory and wealth the CDCs lost, they waged a war against the IBM-tans, corresponding to an anti-trust lawsuit against IBM, which CDC won.

The 6600-tans had some successors, the 7600 and 8600. Their successor was STAR-100, which used new architecture and a vector processor with the goal of being more efficient and was to be the fastest computer, but actual performance was much worse than expected, and was a failure.

Cray left CDC in 1972, and the STAR-100 debuted in 1974. Cray-1 debuted in 1976. STAR-100's failure, and Cray-1's vastly better performance cost CDC's dominant status from the supercomputer industry, a status which Cray Research seized, leading to the resentment the CDCs had against the Crays, they saw Cray-1's existence, let alone her success as betrayal... Well, except for SCOPE, who got no respect from her colleagues despite her leadership and decided to be friends with Cray-1 instead.


Yep, that rivalry was in-universe represented by the first war CDC engaged with (I think that got mentioned in my historical blurb on their war with DEC/IBM in the late 1970s) which was ended by treaty (the lawsuit).

There are no CDC hardware-tans unfortunately; though I did at one point originally consider making a CDC6600-tan I decided to simply make SCOPE/COS the representative of both.


How did the DEC-tans fit into that conflict, anyhow?

The CDC v. IBM thing is based on a real-life lawsuit, did CDC and DEC have a conflict IRL too?


*sneaks in*

Cairo-tan (1991-96)
-Semi-failed OS by Microsoft
-Developed from 1991-96; only partially released in the form of other OSes
-Had high hopes from Bill Gates Himself ("....fulfill Bill Gates' vision of "information at your fingertips.")
-Great amount of time, effort, and funds(?) poured into this (95 almost lacked several features due to them being "planned for Cairo")
-Haughty during development (entitlement complex due to amount of time and resources spent, along with Gates' blessing)
-might harbour slight resentment towards existing OSes, esp. 95 (Cairo's features were commuted into other OSes, most noteably the interface being given to 95)
-Embittered due to scrapping of project, with revenge planned (almost made a comeback for vista but idea was scrapped in 06')
-slightly confused about status of self (whether or not the Cairo project was intended to be a real OS was rather ambigious, with Bill Gates even denying it at one point)
-slightly unhealthy due to resources being parted out
-bears a striking resemblance to 95-tan, only more tanned and dresses like a stereotypical european (think rozen maiden, with curls and frills and feather-topped fan; resemblance due to sharing an interface and skin tone due to being related to egypt, play on her name)
-the only -tans who would really know about her would be 95-tan and 3.1-tan, perhaps 2.0 and 1.0 as well, and even 95 wouldn't know her that well; all other OSes would only have heard vague details (this could likely lead into a running joke that no one remembers her, much to her annoyance)
-somewhat lonely, almost fits in with Neptune and Odyessey (but not quite since Cairo was sort of released....sort of)

Aurora Borealis

Interesting. It's possible that 95-tan almost didn't get the training she needed to become as powerful as she did, because of Cairo, who was more favored at the time and was thought to have more promise.

Something changed, maybe Cairo became too complex or cost-prohibitive for her good, or her abilities weren't up to par even with all the extensive training (and genetic engineering) she undergone. 95 was found to be the more naturally viable leader and fighter, leading to many of the abilities promised to Cairo being used on 95-tan instead, becoming the favored one.

She'd also know NT-tan, since she was also in development/training at the same time as Cairo and 95, and they would have been sparring partners at some point.

Cairo's backstory has parallels to OS/2-tan's, who IBM had high hopes for, but her training was sabotaged, and many of the things she was promised went to NT-tan, and OS/2 suffered under sole custody of IBM.

Maybe Cairo-tan is also a ghost, because of the semi-unreleased state, and ambiguity of Cairo's existence and what it is.


i like those ideas. though i wouldn't consider Cairo a ghost, as she's not TECHNICALLY dead.....considering she was parted out, maybe she's a zombie? but i don't like that idea, either....

considering Cairo had the moment as the golden child, i get the feeling the rivalry would extend both ways. 95 would likely harbour both resentment and smug satisfaction when it comes to Cairo. she'd probably think she's dead, though, since Cairo hasn't even been mentioned popularly since the 90's, and within the company she hasn't been mentioned since 2006.

i don't think it was overcomplexity that crippled Cairo, it was likely 95's success. all the backing that Microsoft gave 95 almost ensured that she was going to burst onto the market, and by the time Cairo's support died, 95 had swiftly dominated the competition and was holding steady. they would have even been developing Memphis (98) at that point. Cairo was simply overshadowed.

As for NT, what archetecture Cairo was built for was never mentioned (i suppose DOS considering the release, but stuff made for Cairo, like Windows Media Player, has been shared with everyone in the family). They didn't share any traits outside of the time they were developed and parent company. i get the feeling that Cairo would a bigger grudge against 95, and even harbor some hurt feelings towards 3.1 (as technically, Cairo came first). in 3.1's case, Cairo would have likely been snobbish towards her, with things like "i'm the next big thing, you know", so the fact that 3.1 was released and did well (as did 95) likely bruised her pride quite severely.

i like the idea of Cairo being an ally of sorts towards OS/2. i'm not sure about OS/2's feelings towards windows, but perhaps they're a bit like Judas and Pontius Pilate, each wanting to take down their own enemy (95 in Cairo's case, NT in OS/2's), hm?

Aurora Borealis

June 30, 2012, 11:07:12 am #622 Last Edit: June 30, 2012, 01:25:37 pm by Aurora Borealis
OS/2-tan has a vendetta against the Windows-tans, mainly NT and 95, but her vendetta extends to all of them (except for 1.0 and 2.0). If it weren't for that, she and Cairo could have been great allies.

3.1-tan also represents Windows 3.0, so she is older than Cairo. 3.0 was successful, and 3.1 more so, but Cairo could keep the "I'm the next big thing!" feeling towards 3.1-tan, believing that 3.0's success was fleeting and 3.1 will fizzle out.

Cairo could have merged with Vista, right? I know! She had a yandere relationship with Vistan, insisting that she "become one with Cairo!" :P

Or if she's not human, she wanted to fuse with Vista and cause the Third Impact. 


Remember, guys, life and death for an OS-tan is a pretty ambiguous thing. It's possible for an OS-tan to be technically only semi-alive and still look/function normally (albeit with greatly reduced magical properties). OS-tan ghosts needn't be transparent and floating, it's just a name for that semi-alive state.


Cairo sounds like she could almost be like a middle-ground between the personalities of my portrayals of Neptune and Odyssey; the latter of which is planned to appear in a short story I'm eventually going to write.


@aurora: damn. and here i was hoping for a beautiful friendship between Cairo and OS/2. perhaps that could be another running joke, with Cairo following OS/2 in her off time, trying to "make friends". xD
95 might see Cairo as a rival, but 3.1 will likely see her as annoying. *pictures 3.1-tan rolling her eyes* even with bruised pride, i imagine Cairo will still have that haughty attitude. xD
the yandere idea makes me laugh. partly because i'm pretty sure the second one is an Evangelion reference, but not sure. >__>;
but yeah, i think that might make a good story arc. Cairo vs Vistake. xD

@bella: still, ghost gives the wrong impression to me. Cairo's parts live on, even though they're not together. hence why i say she might be a zombie, if anything. :\

@pent: Cairo falls into the same catagory as Neptune and Odyssey, though i doubt they would get along much. Neptune and Odyssey likely might get annoyed by her attitude and by the fact that she was Gates' Girl. :\


Well, yeah; they do fall into the same category, although in the universe of my stories, Neptune and Odyssey are as different as night and day, with your portrayal of Cairo feeling almost like a middleground between the two.

As an example of what I'm talking about, with how Neptune and Odyssey developed as characters:
- Neptune became hateful as a result of her abandonment; which eventually lead to her becoming an assassin known simply as "the Reaper"
- Odyssey was more confused by her abandonment, but was taken in by 2k-kun; eventually growing into a cheerful girl who was trying her best to follow in the footsteps of the person she considered her older brother

To me, it seems like Cairo is more lonely as a result of her abandonment; not actively seeking revenge like Neptune, but not having somebody who cares about her like Odyssey does.

That's just my $.02 on it, though

Aurora Borealis

@Choco: Part of that was indeed an Evangelion reference. :P

Yes, it is sad that OS/2-tan won't put her hatred of Windows aside just this once if it means recruiting a valuable ally.

@Pentium: I know there's at least one picture I've seen of Odyssey-tan with other Windows-tans, so I like that idea of one of them accepting her.

I wonder if Cairo would get along with Windows 97-tan, who was presumably a prototype OS replaced in favor of Windows 98, and is also of questionable existence?


considering 97's genki personality, Cairo might look down upon her, but in less of a "i'm too good for this idiocy" and more of a "what the........wait, i can use this..." way. not out of malicious intent, but 97 just seems too happy and peaceful for Cairo.

in terms of OS/2, i doubt Cairo would be deterred by her coldness towards her, probably citing the fact that they have nearly the same goal. i doubt OS/2 would give in to it, but Cairo will not be ignored!!! >:(

the few pictures of Odyssey i've seen are either her alone or that one of her being picked on. :\ Still, her personality makes her very likable. seems reasonable that 2k-kun or another would take her in (though since 2k-kun has an established routine, i get the feeling it would be another OS, maybe Vistake-kun (since he and 2k share personality traits).

i should do a sketch of Cairo-tan. -w-


You sketch 'er Kari! :D

I wanted to make Cairo-tan yeaaaaaaaarrs ago but couldn't come up with any ideas. I'm glad you've had success in -tanning her. ^^